We currently only offer three different types of audio recordings on our site for you to purchase (as opposed to ten). The reason behind the reduction is because we are changing the products we previously offered. A new service and products will be available for purchase by November 2017.


Before you click the 'BUY NOW' button, click the top right of image to find out more about the product on offer. Once you have paid for a Audio recording we will contact you via the email you have provided when you paid through Paypal/Direct Debit/Credit Card.


The recording offered below will take between 14 to 21 days to be created and is delivered as MP3  recordings to your chosen email address.


This 50 min extensive audio recording is a personalised look over the next Few years to see what's occurring in your love life!  Who is coming in, when, and where. I will also look at the type of person you will date/marry





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Sun in Solar return 8th house is one of the most fearful placement. We explore what will occur in a 40min audio recording.


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What does the overview of your life look like in years to come?





 Basic $45


Extensive $69

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