What happens when there is a New Moon?


The New Moon conjuncts Jupiter return

In my opinion, I believe people in the astrology community over emphasise events surrounding new and full Moons. However not every astrologer dramatises what is likely to take place. Some astrologers advise us to use this time to initiate, make a wish, plant a seed etc. Initiating during a new Moon is encouraged for those absent of a conjunction. 

Nevertheless, even if a new/full Moon is in aspect to a natal planet it won’t match the hype of what we think is going to happen.

A good example of events surrounding a new Moon conjunct a natal planet happened when a new Moon, on the 1st of October 2016, fell in Libra (Libra is my Ascendant sign and rules both my 1st and 12th house). Although the new Moon conjunct (mine & everyone else’s) transiting Jupiter, in Libra, for me this new Moon was rather special, because I was also having my Jupiter Return. Thus the New Moon was in aspect to transiting Jupiter, my natal Jupiter, and natal Saturn (as both Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct in my birth chart).

Jupiter Return is a period when transiting Jupiter returns to the same place he (Jupiter) was at the time of our birth. And a planet returning marks a beginning of a new cycle. Jupiter returning to natal Jupiter happens every twelve years. So, when a new Moon joined transiting and natal Jupiter, did something monumentus happen in my life?

Firstly, before I answer the question, let me say that when a new Moon is conjunct a planet returning, events occurring reinforce that there is a major new cycle approaching, or a new way of doing a task will soon begin. However, nothing dramatic usually occurs at the time of a new Moon (unlike a Lunar/Solar Eclipse conjunct natal planet).

Secondly, the energy of a new Moon always starts after a New Moon has occurred (unlike a Full Moon). And the effects of a new Moon lasts at least ten days after. However, as already mentioned, I was having Jupiter return. Thus the energy of the new Moon would probably last longer than the standardise ten days.

Lastly, you should know that my natal Saturn is in the 12th house conjunct natal Jupiter (Although transiting Saturn was visiting my 2nd house of income/possessions), and transiting Jupiter would soon be conjunct my AC (ascendant).

So what has happened within those ten days?

Nothing much!

And this is despite having the new Moon fall on Jupiter return.

The only significant event I can think of came five days after the New Moon occurred, I received a letter from the U.K home office (Government officials) writing to inform me that my passport had successfully been renewed. I had previously put off renewing my passport after it expired last year. In truth, I only renewed my passport because I needed proper identification, not because I wanted to travel.

Anyway, I finally decided to renew it back in July 2016, and had up to 90 days to return the documentation (including my old passport etc). However, I had issue after issue. The problem I had was with the photo booths I was using (there was an error relating to my original picture, so I had to re-submit another picture during Mercury Retrograde). Anyway, on the 6th of October 2016, my passport finally arrived, and I could not be happier with my ‘Jumbo sized’ passport. And although I had originally ordered the passport for identification purposes once the passport arrived I began thinking about where I should go. In truth, I’ve kinda lost my mojo for travelling. However, after some thought I did splash some cash and booked a solo trip heading to a remote location, departing sometime in 2017.

As I said, the new Moon fell in my twelfth house, in the sign of Libra, conjunct natal Jupiter and Saturn along with transiting Jupiter. However my first house of self, identity, and image was also being triggered, but as previously mentioned, Libra ruled both houses. Although I only wanted to renew my passport for identification purposes I now realise that my jumbo passport will be the start of a new adventure! 

Anyway, below lists the meanings of the different planets, sign, and the house where the new Moon was in conversation with natal Jupiter.

Libra: She is the sign of judgements and decisions. Libra is connected with the law i.e. anything that is legally binding. She is also connected with indecisiveness but she strives for balance.

Jupiter: Is connected to anything foreign i.e. culture, travel, immigration (passports), a foreign language etc. He is the planet of education i.e. higher education-University whether undergrad or postgrad. Jupiter also rules expansion (a.k.a Jumbo sized, fat, growth). Nevertheless, he is seen as being optimistic and is supposed to bring people luck.

Saturn: Saturn is a planet of fear and restriction. He is often known as a taskmaster/ teacher because when he is around he makes sure that the job is done. Saturn represents authority figures i.e. the government or sometimes a strict parent.

Twelfth house: This is the house of illness. The house of solitude i.e. being alone/ being quiet, or in this house, people are unaware of how much energy we’re putting into a task. It is also the house of long distance travel and where we find our secret enemies/self-undoing.

Did something more interesting happen to you when a new moon conjunct your natal planet?

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What happens when Jupiter returns to Natal Jupiter?


*Jupiter returns bonus audio

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An auspicious time

A Jupiter Return is when transiting Jupiter conjuncts your natal Jupiter, which happens on average every 12 years. If you are experiencing a return you should find the placement of Jupiter not only in the house of your natal chart, but also in your solar return chart (look for the year that Jupiter is returning to Natal Jupiter). The house of Jupiter in the solar return chart will help you to understand what may occur.

What happens when Jupiter returns?  


When Jupiter returns, he is starting a brand new cycle, and as a result, a fresh chapter relating to Jupiterian themes will begin to play out in our lives. The universe wants to see how we will operate our new Jupiter this time around. What will we do? Where will we go? What will we learn? What will we teach? 


It is an extra important time for people who have Jupiter in their 12th, 3rd, 6th, and 9th house, because Jupiter will soon be crossing a brand-new threshold when he transits the angles (the AC, IC, DC, and MC). Big events are sure to have a major impact on your life, and as a result, expect his biggest life lessons to make you a more mature, wiser human being.

How long will the Transiting aspect last?    And How long will I feel the effects of the return?

The transit lasts for approximately 3 weeks but if Jupiter is retrograding the time frame will increase.

Although, this aspect lasts for a few weeks Jupiter’s energy will be felt at least 12 weeks before he starts a new cycle in a new sign. And as a result, Jupiter’s themes will be more pronounced at least 12 weeks before this transit takes place. Write down what occurs over the next twelve months because Jupiter won’t return for another twelve years.

You will understand the themes which play out at the time of each return when transiting Jupiter trines your natal Jupiter in two year’s time. This aspect (trine)will be motivating you to do something pleasurable. Transiting Jupiter trine natal Jupiter is a harmonious aspect, and as a result, things should come with ease, rather than being stressful. Nevertheless, what takes place during the two planets conversation would have been built on whatever was going on two years previously (during the time of your actual return). 

When will I experience my Jupiter Return?

Jupiter returns every 12 years or so: At age 11/12, 23/24, 35/36, 47/48, 59/60 and so on.

*How old are you?

If you pay close attention to Jupiter returning to natal Jupiter and you are under the age of thirty, you will notice the events surrounding the return will be situations which have already played out in your life once before. In many cases these events also may have played out for your mother or father during the time of your birth. However, if your parents had not experienced similar themes at the time of your birth then the same events (to the return in question) would have occurred for them during the first few years of your life.

If you are under 30 try to recall what your parents have told you about the first and second years of your life. Was a parent or both parents studying at the time of your birth? Was a parent on a student Visa? Was a parent/s about to relocate, facing deportation, or had immigration issues? Was there a big decision they were trying to make? What was the bigger story being played out?

How do their events relate to what happened/is happening to you, when Jupiter returned to your natal Jupiter at age twenty-five/twenty-six, or at a younger return age? There should be a similar pattern. However, remember that the sign Jupiter is visiting will also bring its own additional themes.

After you have had your Saturn return at age 28,29 or 30 you have accumulated enough of your own ‘karma’ (cause and effect) to play out your own story. Therefore, a brand-new storyline will emerge when Jupiter returns at age 35/36 or at age 47/48. Although Saturn returns between ages 28-30, it could take another six years for some people to get over Saturn’s lessons (around the ages 34 to 36). Therefore, even though you have gained enough of your own life experience after age thirty, some people could still find themselves *repeating some aspects of their parent’s lives.

Nevertheless, some people (who have mastered their Saturn) can stop looking back at their mother/fathers lives after their Saturn Return. Instead, we should summarise our parent’s situation at the time they had their Jupiter Return and link their return experiences to when we have a similar return age.

If you are older than 30 years old, you can focus on either your mother (if female) or focus on your father (if male). And ask them/recollect what was happening in their life when they were age 35/36; that is if you are now that age in question (and experiencing your Jupiter return). At age 47/48 do the same and think back to your parents lives when they were that age. And the same goes for ages 59/60 etc.

Basically, if you are reading this at age 35-36, your mother would have had her Jupiter return at age 35-36. Therefore, just ask her, or try to remember what was happening at that time, but remember your parents Jupiter may be in a different sign, and thus, their themes will be slightly different.

As already mentioned, when your Jupiter returns at age 35/36 (or any time after age thirty) you can choose to stop relating Jupiter experiences to your parent’s life. We’ve already discussed the reason why we can stop projecting our returns on our parents and early years in the sections above.

*Although, I have used the word repeat in relation to Jupiter returning, don’t worry, Jupiter will still be starting a brand-new cycle. I will discuss this in a little more detail in the section ‘is Jupiter Return the same as Mercury retrograde?’

What Jupiterian events took place 12 years before Jupiter entered a new cycle? 


Jupiter return REsumes (if you are over 30) an event which happened at the time of your last return. Therefore, try to recollect what occurred during your last return. Did you Study, Travel, Teach? Did you get married? Did you change your beliefs? Did religion play a more/less of an important role in your life?


And if you are Under 30 you will be starting off on a band new adventure which you have not experienced before (even if your parents have experienced it, whatever happens will be new to you).


Will Jupiter bring me luck?


In the first few returns (when we are younger) everything is favourable to us (unless there are challenging aspects in a chart). When we experience our second return (in our twenties) it is either challenging or we will be very lucky indeed. The 2nd return, is your last Jupiter return before adulthood. And as previously explained, he can play out extreme conditions which pertain to your parents lives at the time of your birth until age two. Lucky opportunities can also depend on the sign and aspects transiting Jupiter is making when he arrives in a new sign/house.


Unfortunately, fortunate opportunities may not be readily given by the third (35/36) or fourth return (47/48), unless there are favourable aspects to transiting planets. Try not to worry about what age you are when you experience your Jupiter return, because in truth, regardless of your return age Jupiter can bring more blessings when he is in your birth sign (Jupiter conjunct your natal Sun) more so than when he has returned to natal Jupiter. 


Furthermore, Jupiter returns brings Jupiterian themes which are connected to the sign, and house he is visiting. Thus, luck may not be always guaranteed. 


Is Jupiter ‘REturn’ the same as Mercury ‘REtrograde’?


No, a Jupiter return is not the same as Mercury retrograde. Retrogrades appear to go backwards. You must ‘REdo’/ ‘REpair’ something which is no longer working in a short span of time. When Jupiter returns to natal Jupiter he brings new and exciting opportunities. There is a sense of adventure; which may at first appear to us as a feeling of being REstless. We feel bored, and need to do something new which we will be eager to explore.


Retrogrades (such as Mercury retrograde) repair or REstore something within the short time frame of each individual retrograde. This is why they are deemed to be negative. We must quickly sort out a situation which has gone haywire within a few weeks. Returns on the other hand give us time to pause (in Jupiter’s case a 12yr pause and one year of activity). During the twelve-year cycle Jupiter moves into each sign once a year and once he enters we can begin to work on making ourselves more intelligent/wise so we can ‘REuse’ our Jupiter in ways which helps us prosper when he returns to natal Jupiter in another 12 year’s time. 


However, sometimes as already discussed, we are experiencing similar situations which our parents experienced at the time of our birth or when they were our age. The period when Mercury goes retrograde is not reflective of our parent’s life or the situations which occurred during our birth. However, when Jupiter returns he brings something back, but what he brings is a ‘REnewal’.  Jupiter ‘RE-establishes’ ‘or ‘REsumes’ a situation rather than repeating something. Jupiter is continuing a story. He continues an unfolding story which was started before the return in question, but at the start of a new return we are starting the story afresh. We should have learned from the last 12 years to not make the same mistakes, and therefore we won’t be spending the next year/12 years REctifying bad decisions made in the year of his return. 


We can think of Jupiter returning comparable to experiencing a Solar Eclipse but accompanied with Jupiterian themes. Furthermore, the effects of Jupiter returning can stay with us longer than a Solar Eclipse.  

Transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Planets


Transiting Jupiter is currently in Libra

If you have natal Jupiter in Libra you will be having your Jupiter Return between September 2016 to October 2017

Have any natal planets in Libra?

Transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Sun

Bigger Confidence

Well, I have just undergone this conjunction (when Jupiter was in Leo). In fact, Jupiter went over my natal Sun three times. And I can say, that people put too much expectation on this placement. It appeared to me that the house where my natal Sun was placed was more significant than just ‘standalone’ Jupiter conjunct my natal Sun. I would also have to say that the location of Jupiter in your solar return chart will add further interpretation to this conjunction.

Therefore, I advise you to look at Jupiter in your Solar Return chart because when this exact conjunction happened 12 years ago it was the most fortunate time in my life! I got everything I had always wanted. And that was the year when Jupiter was home in the 9th house in my Solar return chart (however he was not transiting the 9th house). It truly felt as if God had blessed me with every gift imaginable. However, 12 years later; when Jupiter returned to Leo (2014-15), I noticed that I had to create my own fortune.

Similarly, my clients also had to put in more work the older they got; to receive Jupiter conjunct the Sun’s benefits. Even if it appears, as if God, or some divine circumstance grants us our fortune, we have to still put in work in order to get what we want. It may seem logical to some people that you get what you put in, but with this transit the older you are the more apparent the saying becomes. Nevertheless, Jupiter conjunct the Sun can be deemed as an auspicious time. However, our personality will be questioned. Although it’s most likely you are asking the big life questions- What is my purpose? What is the meaning of life?

If Jupiter conjuncts your natal Sun:

Anything is possible

Jupiter in your sign means all eyes will be on you for better or for worse. This could be because you may have to apply your personality to a business opportunity (people may hire you based on your personality rather than hiring you for your skills (especially if you’re fronting your own brand or product). You will notice that people with more experience than yourself begin to recognise your talents and ultimately your work and role will either change or expand. Therefore, make sure you shine your light even brighter because your personality is going to be highlighted. However, try not to exaggerate parts of your traits.

If you are over the age of thirty you may have to work hard to reap the rewards. You may suffer from a deflated or inflated ego, believing you are capable of ‘saving’ a person or saving a crumbling business. You could be over confident to the point where people perceive you as arrogant and you may need to change their beliefs about your personality. These negative themes may be more pronounced for people who have hard aspects (squares, oppositions etc) to their natal Sun.

However, if there are positive aspects where natal Sun resides then this will be a very fortunate or generous period in your life. You will be kinder and gentler to people; providing them with your words of wisdom. Perhaps it’s because you are more experienced with connecting with people, and as a result, you could be sharing your knowledge with others (especially if you’re over age thirty).

If your natal Sun is in the fourth, fifth, sometimes sixth, and eighth house this may be a very good time to conceive or a time you will consider having a child. When Jupiter conjuncts almost any planet we start to question other people’s morals as well as our own morals. And because of asking questions about other people’s behaviour our own personality will be put in the spotlight.

The arrival of significant mentors and advisers

You’re bound to notice more famous people. Characters with big egos, teachers, leaders, advisers, and mentors will show up around the time of this conjunction. These people will genuinely want to put you on to the right path. Not only will these people be trying to shape your life, but they also want to try and help boost your confidence, and bring a little joy into your world. If you start working, under this transit, for another person you can find yourself under probation. People higher up will be observing your behaviour wanting to see if you’re ready to expand your role.

An opportunity to showcase yourself

We should use the energy of this conjunction to bring out the best parts of our personality. Smile, be happy, expose the positive sides of ourselves. The more we seem optimistic, reveal aspects of our personality, such as expose our awareness of our ego; older more experienced people will be generous towards us, providing us with things we wanted, but never really believed we could have.

If you are in your 20’s Jupiter may bring you the best birthday gift ever imaginable. If there is something you wanted, and before Jupiter’s arrival to your natal Sun, you had already done some work but all you need was a little luck on your side then this transit will grant you the extra luck/opportunity you need.

And if you are over the age of 30 Jupiter’s gifts may arrive a little later than expected. He can arrive as late as 3-6 yrs. Basically, the rewards can be felt after this transit has departed which will be when transiting Jupiter makes a square /trine/ opposition to your natal Sun.

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Transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Moon

A Time When Imagination Meets Belief

One year before one of my clients had transiting Jupiter in her ninth house conjunct her natal Moon (also in the ninth house in Leo) she enrolled onto an online college course. However, by the time this conjunction was exact she began worrying about her studies, worrying if she will pass, and how she could financially afford to pay individual modules (and worried if she failed she would have to repeat the year and incur an additional fee). Her faith in her abilities was being tested. My client needed to have faith that she would be secure in raising funding for her studies and that she was a competent student. However, after this transit she decided to take a break and return to her studies when she wasn’t so stressed, and when she could afford to pay for additional modules.

If transiting Jupiter conjuncts your natal Moon:

Returning to higher education

Although the real-life scenario of my client involved a mature student returning to higher education not everybody with Jupiter conjunct the Moon will experience a return to higher education. As already mentioned my client had returned before Jupiter entered the ninth house and conjunct her natal Moon. If education is involved when Jupiter meets the Moon and you are a parent you will be worried about your child’s education, or a child is going off to college for the first time, or maybe your mother decides to return to her studies.

Nevertheless, the Moons associations with behind the scenes activity and Jupiter’s associations with education could be a signifier for home study (like my client who was studying online).


On a more mundane level, the Moon and Jupiter conjunct could mean a person is redefining their beliefs especially long held beliefs connected with their parents and especially their mother’s beliefs. There is a slight polarity between Jupiter and the Moon. Jupiter is optimistic whilst the Moon can be melancholy. Thus, expect swinging from feeling happy, to feeling exhilarated, to feeling slightly depressed.

The same feelings of swinging from one polarity to the next may be evident in terms of finances. It’s likely that there will be fluctuations. You could either receive a large amount or you must put your spending on hold because of uncertainties in connection to your finances. Of course, this aspect can indicate that a person is worried about a larger payment.

Repeating an emotional journey

On a smaller scale both the Moon and Jupiter can also represent foreign travel, the Moon is oceans, ships etc. And Jupiter pertains to foreign countries and cultures. Therefore, the two being together could mean a long trip away from your home, visiting your mother’s homeland (if your mother was born in another country etc), or if you were born in another country you may be visiting your place of birth, or you may make a new home somewhere else. These two planets in conjunction could also signify making repeated visits to another country. Basically, visiting someone you are emotionally connected to i.e. a girlfriend or boyfriend or perhaps your child who has moved to another country. It could also signify emotional journeys; waving someone goodbye believing you’re not going to see them in a long time. Saying goodbye could bring back memories of when you had to say goodbye to someone you cared about in the past.

Increased fertility

I forgot to mention that thinking about children was another topic my client experienced, but her story was slightly unusual because of her other transiting planets so I won’t discuss her case in this section (read Jupiter Conjunct Saturn). Nevertheless, the Moon is also associated with fertility and Jupiter joining the Moon is informing you that it’s a fruitful time to have a child. However, a family member, friend, or neighbour, as well as yourself will be thinking about children.

Exploring the possibility of moving away

If natal Moon is in bad aspect to other planets then this can be a time where a person is deceived into believing something is positive (and will work out), but it ends up being very negative (and does not work out). Things may not be as it seems. And if there are many squares or oppositions being made to your natal Moon. A person should consider researching any upcoming trips that involve foreign travel/foreigners and make sure they’re not being deceived, or try to truly grasp what is being promised, as it may be too good to be true. In addition, to the statement above, there may also be some misunderstanding’s that could pertain to a legal issue, travel or educational matters. For example, a proprietor/landlord /landlady is behaving unethically and you decide to take them to court, or question their ethics/morals.

Whatever occurs when Jupiter meets the Moon we will try to accept something without any proof. We use our instincts and do little research to justify our feelings.

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Transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Mercury

Teach English (your native tongue) as a foreign language!

I underwent this transit at the same time transiting Jupiter was conjunct my natal Sun in Leo (transiting Jupiter had just finished a conversation with my natal north node-you can read more in the section Jupiter transits natal node). Anyway, it happened simultaneously because my natal Sun is conjunct my natal Mercury. I have already mentioned (above) my experiences when transiting Jupiter conjunct my natal Sun. Nevertheless, with transiting Jupiter hovering over natal Mercury, I’ve never had to write so much in my life for educational reasons and also for work purposes. I also did a teach English in a foreign language course and did many other things relating to Jupiter and Mercury in that year of that transit (Jupiter is still conjunct my natal Mercury as I am writing this lol).

If Jupiter conjuncts your natal Mercury:

Dubbed foreign films

With this conjunction, it signifies an increase in writing. Writing could be completed for the purpose of publishing (even if this is not the year you will actually publish. Nevertheless, you are potentially going to start writing this year and publish in the following year/s). Similarly, writing is also undertaken for educational purposes such as, writing a dissertation, writing a ton of essays at the same time. You could believe any task involving writing or communication of any kind is going to be simple. However, it ends up that you need to have more experience/knowledge in order to complete the task. Thus, at this time you realise that you need to expand your communicating skills i.e. people are asking you what do you mean and to expand what you have already communicated. Basically, this is not a good time to simplify your speech, thoughts, or your writing. On a more mundane level when these two planets meet you could find yourself reading a lot of books in a very short span of time, or you will be watching more foreign films with subtitles/dubbed movies.

Extensive travel in a short span of time

Generally, when these two planets meet we become very busy, more interactions with our neighbours, siblings, anyone who is younger, or people who have a zest for life. The exciting themes associated with this aspect/planets can foretell that your work could take you overseas. It’s a period where you decide to either travel or to move (this move can happen in the year when these two planets meet or it could happen in the following year). As mentioned above, Jupiter conjunct Mercury is a great time for learning another language. Mercury’s associations with the Internet can foretell communications happening at long distance (perhaps this is the year where you are in a long-distance relationship, a sibling has moved overseas and you are frequently talking to them via Skype, or you have business connections with people who are based in another country).

Jupiter is an ambassador for the ninth house the house of long journeys. Mercury is an ambassador for the third house of neighbouring countries, short distance travel, local transportation i.e. trains, bus, coach etc. Jupiter wants to travel for a longer period via plane which means he wants to travel further, to explore an exotic land. On the other hand, Mercury will argue his case against Jupiter’s plans. Mercury will get bored when he travels to a faraway land. He feels uncomfortable and needs to be arms distance from his familiar surroundings. Unless, he’s utilising all the local foreign transportation available in the region he is visiting (not just using planes and taxis). Basically, Mercury aims to set up a similar environment to his neighbourhood. Therefore, the conversation between the two results in them both agreeing to either take a short trip to a foreign country (perhaps only staying a weekend). Take longer trips to a neighbouring country, or travel extensively in your home country. However, if you have a partner and this partner is a man he is likely to be the person who gets to frequently travel under this transit.

If natal Mercury is in the second house you can find yourself becoming a chatterbox. Your location constantly changes. A lot more writing is to be expected, as well as, having to be super social in the hopes of gaining more money. Furthermore, if your natal Mercury is in the eighth house you might have to negotiate your debts, or ask for a bigger loan which you should be granted especially if Mercury is in positive aspect to other planets.

Discussions involving marriage/religion/and beliefs

Jupiter conjunct Mercury is an indication that there will be a discussion involving commitments of all kinds, especially if natal Mercury is in the seventh house. A small minority may get married overseas if Mercury is in the seventh house (and they are already in a relationship with a man). If Mercury is in the fifth house flirting increase (especially flirting by text and via social media). Similarly, themes of flirting via technology may also be evident if Mercury is in the third house.

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Transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Venus

Grand gestures of love/affection

Once you know the keywords and the energy of the house where these planets will be residing it will better help you to understand the meaning of the conjunct planets conversation. Therefore, it really does depend on which house these two planets are in when they are in conjunction. Furthermore, the interpretation below will be slightly different if Venus is retrograde.

If you have natal Venus in Virgo at the time Jupiter is conjunct natal Venus, the themes will lean towards matters relating to work or health. If Natal Jupiter is in Libra or Taurus she is in her own sign. Venus, of course enjoys being in either two signs mentioned above. And as a result, the transit will be harmonious. In Libra, Venus will operate themes that will be associated with cooperation, making peace, and finding a balance in one area of life.

A large travel or educational expense

Unfortunately, I had Venus in Virgo. And Venus Is not a planet happy in a sign like Virgo, therefore good things happened, but at the same time it was rather depressing. I have my natal Venus in Virgo and the second to last time this transit occurred my boss unexpectedly professed he had feelings for me. He was extremely wealthy, had a nice personality, but was still connected to his ex-partner which left me wondering why he even told me he was interested. Nevertheless, I did receive a lot of gifts during this period. The gifts I received were from friends; thinking I needed to be treated. I also spent my own money on beautifying myself. I had to save money to be able to afford a large purchase. I booked an around the world trip five months after this aspect (when transiting Jupiter met my natal Jupiter in my 12th house). And the next year when Jupiter cross my ascendant I started a new life travelling around the world. And because my Venus is in Virgo it ended up that I got a working holiday visa for my visit to Australia (and later also decided to get one for New Zealand).

However, Venus in other signs especially Libra and Taurus should be more harmonious and therefore behave differently to what has been described above.

If transiting Jupiter conjuncts your natal Venus:

Falling in love/being attracted to someone of a different cultural background

and educational pursuits

At this time, you claim to be certain that you have met the love of your life. However, in many cases it turns out that you are wrong. Nevertheless, you could meet a partner overseas, meet someone who is of foreign origin/another cultural background to yourself, or of a different religion. If you are in an existing relationship a partner could end up going back to school or they go overseas. Similarly, a lecturer will be more appealing under this transit.

If your natal Venus is in Cancer; Jupiter is supposed to bring his biggest rewards. You can meet a mate in an educational institution. A future partner may have originally been a roommate or a female family member introduces you to your soon-to-be lover. If you are a man (and heterosexual) you can see an increase in popularity with the opposite sex.

And if natal Venus is in Libra you can get assistance when appealing an educational decision. Although it is likely when Jupiter is in Libra that you are pleased with your results. However, natal Venus in Virgo suggests educational pursuits are more difficult to attain because you are left to your own device. You may have to withdraw, be it withdraw to the library, or unexpectedly having to withdraw from a course etc. Withdrawing can also be seen if natal Venus is in Scorpio although this is dependent on the house where Venus resides, and is also dependent on other planets (transiting natal) in your birth chart.

Studying can be problematic with Venus because she is only interested in things such as the arts. She likes aesthetic beauty, fashion design, art studies, music, literature. In other types of subjects, she becomes lazy. Venus prefers to indulge in more enjoyable activities. However, when she is in Libra and you are not studying an artsy type of discipline; by luck these once boring discourses will either become beloved or artsy type topics will creep into your discipline of choice.

In terms of education Jupiter’s true purpose when he is hovering over natal Venus is to see if Venus has grown to enjoy what you are studying.  Jupiter also asks the question if your will/can make money from your chosen discipline (can/will your major lead to financial gains?).

Whatever the sign (although dependent on the house) can foretell either having to spend a lot of money on your education or after graduating what you have studied should make you a lot of money.

The way you will earn money / The way you will spend money

Another scenario which often plays out is you can see a return of a beloved teacher, or most commonly this aspect foretells earning money from working overseas. Earning money can also arise from working as a teacher or you will spend money on educational pursuits. Jupiter conjunct natal Venus is a hallmark of someone buying more stuff Jupiterian or Venusian (such as books, travel equipment, flights, jewellery, beauty products, hairstyles, foreign/exotic furniture etc ). Basically, buying more expensive stuff. There is likely to be an increase of money or an increase in outgoings (depending on the house placement and aspects). Eating a lot of sweeter food is a classic interpretation of Jupiter conjunct Venus, especially if Venus is in the first house, conjunct the first, Venus is in the second house, or Venus in the sixth house. There can be much more beautiful people entering your life, or people who are generous, and want to support you. When Jupiter is going over Venus you can unexpectedly receive large sums of money or receive favourable gifts, especially if the gifts/money is given to you by someone living overseas or gifts are connected to one’s education. Unexpectedly receiving gifts can be more evident if your Venus is in the second, eighth, and occasionally experienced with Venus in the 11th or 12th house.

Remember that any trip taken when transiting Jupiter meets Venus in Libra will be luxurious, expensive, pleasurable. You will probably go with another person, meet someone attractive whilst on vacation, or the trip will be paid by someone other than yourself.

I grew to love him/her!

Any relationship underway during this transit especially if your natal Venus is in Libra, or Aries is likely to be rushed. Someone will be indecisive, and one of you comes to understand that the other person is already involved i.e. a love triangle. As a result of rushing into a romantic situation arguments, and disagreements are almost certain. However, if you are not in disagreement with a partner or a person you are attracted to there will be another type of dilemma. The types of issues that can arise will be you/or the other person may be deciding whether to put the relationship on hold, because one of you wants to return to education, or someone wants to go travelling around the world.

Jupiter is not only an ambassador of the ninth house and Sagittarius, but his role, as an ambassador is to also promote growth. On the other hand, Venus’ job is to promote love. And therefore, if your natal Venus is in Pisces you can find yourself growing to love someone you didn’t initially find attractive. Similarly, when Venus is in Libra you can grow to love someone who you were once on the fence about. You weren’t too sure if you could ever truly love them.

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Transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Mars

What does it mean to be masculine?

I know someone who has just undergone this conjunction and when I think about it I have recently also undergone Jupiter conjunct Mars. The person I know, has his Mars in Leo, in the third house. And during this transit he travelled overseas a few times on very quick trips. The purpose of the trips was to undertake a short course (this was to gain more knowledge/acquire skills for a hobby he was interested in and therefore no qualifications were necessary).

Before transiting Jupiter conjunct his natal Mars his brother’s wife had moved into the ‘family home'(parents and older children were all living in small living quarters), and there was initially a little bit of tension. Unfortunately, by the time Jupiter conjunct his natal Mars the tension increased. Nevertheless, the tension eventually led him to believe his way to freedom, was to apply for a further education course (studying a Leo subject -drama) in the hopes he could improve his prospects of gaining a better job, and thus being able to afford to move out of his parents’ home.

Before this transit he feared going to university because of the debt associated with studying. He was also a little nervous because he is an introvert, and although he wants to engage with other people he was fundamentally a loner. These lonely feelings had been heightened when he decided not to join the army against his parents’ wishes. Then when Jupiter transited over his natal Mars it allowed him to explore his beliefs about what it means to be masculine. Going to university is a signifier for maturity. We are entering a new phase in our early adulthood. He was not only becoming a grown-up but he was also conquering a fear in the hopes (as already mentioned) university would help him to be more prosperous in life. University combined with his quick travels at the start of this transit, made him believe that if he studied it could hopefully give him an option to eventually live in one of the many countries he visited on his short trip.

I have another client who has natal Mars in her eighth house. And when Jupiter came along in a transit she went through an extremely painful break-up with her boyfriend. She wanted to run away and leave the country and eventually she ended up moving to either a different country or state. And very quickly she ended up meeting another person.

If Jupiter conjuncts your natal Mars:

Burning off calories/Burnt out

We tend to feel very energetic during this time so much so that we burn ourselves out. Nevertheless, Jupiter conjunct Mars grants us with more confidence during this time. Although other people experience us as being somewhat egotistical. Due to Mars associations with Aries and the first house, with this conjunction we become very self-indulgent. However, when Jupiter is hovering over Mars don’t worry about gaining weight. Why? Well, you see Mars takes action, and will make you immediately go to the gym, follow a regime to burn off calories as quickly as possible.

Overly competitive in relation to educational studies and competitive in relationships

Under this transit/aspect people become overly competitive in regards to educational pursuits. Whether this refers to our education or in relationships. Jupiter conjunct Mars makes a person greedy, boastful, aggressive, and there is a tendency to believe that we are always right and other people should follow our direction. Although you may appear to be happy under this transit it may be a front.

Similarly, men arriving at this time will initially seem self-assured (even if they’re not confident). The people (male or female) entering your life with the prospects of a romance will also appear to be more masculine (and they will think the same about you). People arriving will present a challenge and similar to Jupiter conjunct Venus there could be an obstacle, for example you may find yourself having to compete for a lovers affections. I have found that under this transit people we meet will generally have a significant difference in age, a difference in maturity, or a difference in wealth.  In truth, we will appear to be more masculine, have more courage, want to explore other possibilities (not afraid to date outside of our race or religion). Regardless of our gender if we weren’t that confident before and had a tendency to lean towards femininity, under this conjunction we find ourselves in the position of being able to approach other people rather than waiting for them to approach us!

As already mentioned above people undergoing this placement will want to take as many quick journeys as possible. Travelling experienced during this transit can foretell quickly going abroad by yourself. Purchasing an around the world ticket/or one of those Euro train passes where people get the opportunity to visit a variety of countries in Europe in a short span of time.

Disputes involving men and disputes arising in an educational setting

It’s more than likely that you will get angry at someone’s narrow minded beliefs or somebody may get angry in regards to your belief system. This could play out in the form of somebody not liking your religious beliefs or maybe it’s a moral issue. You may go against your morals during this time or notice people around you doing so. There could be many clashes with men especially if you are attracted to men or you’re married/dating a man. Arguments will revolve around somebody wanting space and freedom. One person will believe the other person is being selfish and will want their lover to be actively involved within the relationship. However, if you are single and attracted to men you may notice more men trying to get your attention/competing almost as if you are a prize that needs to be won.

This could be a time when you decide to expand your business but nobody helps you and as a result, you end up doing everything yourself. In some minor cases people with this placement can find themselves taking up some type of martial art or a “foreign” exercise such as yoga. There could also be a legal dispute which could prove to be very beneficial yet disputes can also be unfavourable, this will be dependent on the aspects of natal Mars.

If natal Mars is in the fourth house and Jupiter comes along this could be a time when a small minority of people extend their home and make it larger. If natal Mars is in the fifth house there could be talks around having a child. However one party still wants their independence aka the person is not ready to become a parent, but still enjoys the process which leads to producing a child (enjoys having sex). As a result, someone may have to deal with the prospects of raising a child alone. Although natal Mars in the fifth with transiting Jupiter conjunct can also mean you may meet the man of your dreams(if you are attracted to men). If natal Mars is in the second house and Jupiter comes along this interpretation can be read as someone who needs to be extra competitive to gain more money, or maybe during this time money comes more quickly and readily than it had in previous years.

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Transiting Jupiter conjunct natal  Jupiter

(Jupiter Returns)

An auspicious time

When transiting Jupiter conjunct your natal Jupiter this is called a Jupiter return which happens on average every 12 years. If you are experiencing a return you should find the placement of Jupiter in your solar return chart (look for the year that Jupiter is returning to Natal Jupiter). The house of Jupiter in the solar return chart will help you to understand what may occur. In any event, people who experienced their return can feel very fortunate even if the most horrendous scenario plays out. This happens because at the end of the day with Jupiter returning we will always end up feel lucky perhaps because we have survived something and grown a little bit wiser. You may also want to note whether this is your first, second or third (and so on) return. On the first Jupiter return at around age 11/12 normally centres around the early part of our schooling i.e. what high school we’re attending. Furthermore, we generally tend to travel regardless of age. When we are 11 and 12 the trips we take are more likely to be a school trip, visiting family abroad during our summer/winter holidays, or visiting them over Easter. On the second Jupiter return (in their 20’s) peoples, dreams are fulfilled/or crushed. The third return will be different from their first and second and so on. It is all dependent on what has been learnt from previous Jupiter returns.

In any case, the Jupiter return can mean a person can win/or lose a court case, go on their dream holiday, have a child, get the grades they need, publish a book, getting their dream job, and so forth. 

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What happens when Jupiter returns to Natal Jupiter?

Transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Saturn

A little more serious

I had previously written about my client who had transiting Jupiter conjunct her natal Moon in her ninth house. I forgot to mention that her natal Moon is close to her natal Saturn also in the ninth house in Leo. However, her Moon and Saturn are not in a conjunction as they were more than 10° apart. When Jupiter went over her natal Saturn in Leo she started to become realistic about her beliefs regarding her relationship. She wanted to become a parent and decided to end a relationship with a man who didn’t want to have children. Let’s remember that Leo is the sign connected with the 5th house (flirting, dating, non-committal relationships, love, and children). Therefore, Leo is a child, a creative, a flirt. The ninth house is a representation of ceremonies such as weddings; a wedding is the celebration of a commitment between two people. And Planet Saturn rules maturity, and responsibility.

My client was almost at an age where she knew she didn’t have long to naturally conceive. However, her lover had told her he did not want children. Therefore, she had to take into consideration where this relationship was heading. Furthermore, she was not only overly focused on whether she was ever going to conceive, but she started to believe she had outgrown casual relationships. Nevertheless, Jupiter was hovering over Saturn not the other way around. It was unfortunate when my client informed me that she returned to him, because she believed they had a karmic relationship, and felt it was her duty to go back.

Before we get too old Jupiter has a conversation with Saturn to make us seize the day, have an adventure, or undertake an opportunity. Similarly, Jupiter attempts to bring some joy into Saturn’s life. However, when Saturn is in negative aspect we tend to overemphasises with material possessions or physical comforts as opposed to expanding our faith believing that we will we be okay if we decide to take a new approach.

If you have this conjunction your themes will differ depending on the sign/house natal Saturn resides.

If transiting Jupiter conjuncts your natal Saturn:

A Master Teacher

Not everyone will be in the same predicament as the real-life scenario above. Simarly, not everyone will have their natal Jupiter in Leo. It is likely that what could arise for you when transiting Jupiter conjuncts natal Saturn in any sign or house will be that you could find yourself travelling overseas because of a working commitment. Jupiter conjunct Saturn is comparable to a working holiday Visa. Although, working holiday visas can essentially be seen when transiting Saturn conjuncts, a person’s natal Jupiter. If working overseas is never going to be an option, then you can find yourself making a big commitment and expanding which ever area of life where natal Saturn resides.

However, Saturn does not generally show the conditions of our working environment. The 10th (and 1st) house are where we normally find a connection to our careers. Capricorn is the governor of the 10th house and he can be seen to represent a “professional”. Saturn is the planet whose task is to rule both Capricorn and the 10th house, and as a result, Saturn takes on the role as a taskmaster/ strict teacher. Therefore, when Jupiter and Saturn come together it’s the equivalent of having a master teacher or a Master guide by your side. Whichever area of your chart where natal Saturn is residing is where you can find any type of leader pertaining to themes in that area of life. However, perhaps it is you who becomes a master teacher. An example of a master guide can be somebody who is training to become a minister. For you this could play out as the time when you decide to study/or you begin your studies. And with Saturn in the mix you could be studying to become a teacher or perhaps this is the year where you decide to get your PhD or Masters degree.

In other cases, having a planet such as Jupiter, associated with exploring our opportunities foretells he will be pushing us in the direction to become socially involved. And when Jupiter meets Saturn, a disciplinarian, a planet focused on structure will be a time when we have to discipline ourselves to become socially involved. This could prove to be difficult because Saturn is a bit of a loner. Saturn the loner can experience Jupiter’s conjunction with avoidance, he may choose to start practising meditation, but he won’t do this alone instead he will do this with the aid of somebody who is more experienced.

If you write as part of your profession (or if you’re in school) Jupiter in Saturn will increase your word count. He makes writing a gruelling task, and as a result, you have to structure your sentences like you had never done before; and it will be a painstaking task. We must be organised in all of our activities especially when it comes to our writing or if we want to build/create anything of substance. Nevertheless, after this transit I’ve often heard of people becoming a professional writer even if they never get around to publishing a ‘hard copy’, luckily, in today’s climate people publish in many different formats.

Not a world traveller

Unlike Jupiter (and the tarot card associated with Saturn ‘The World’ card); Saturn isn’t a world traveller. He prefers to spend his time experiencing things that he has already explored. Again, this conjunction becomes extremely uncomfortable, because as already discussed, Saturn will moan, grumble, at the prospects of having to mingle with anything foreign, and anything foreign to Saturn is anything new. Therefore, when he does get the opportunity to travel he does so with caution.

If Jupiter has exaggerated the wonders of the world Saturn will go there, but he will only visit one country. And he is likely to travel alone. However, if your natal Saturn is in Libra (the sign connected to the ‘other’) when transiting Jupiter conjuncts Saturn you could find yourself becoming committed to someone whilst on holiday, get engaged or married whilst abroad. You see Jupiter is the ruler of the ninth house, a house of tradition, a house of religion and the house of ceremonies. Celebrating religious events could foretell travelling to attend a wedding, attend a funeral, or to attend any type of ceremonial event. However, Jupiter represents a priest, a minister, a rabbi someone who preaches, a guide. The ninth house is the house of ‘wedding’ ceremonies. This could mean that if you go on holiday you could find yourself going on a guided tour or for a small minority of people may become a tour guide. This does not mean that you may necessarily get paid to guide people around but may be somebody you have known for a long time comes to visit, and you have to give them a tour of a familiar area. Furthermore, you have already been forewarned that he only travels for work purposes i.e. attending an overseas business meeting, acquiring a working holiday visa, Woofing, or he will intend to bring his work whilst he is on vacation.

Bigger commitments

In terms of education, you must work extra hard to get the titles you acquire. If you are young or still living at home, and your parents have restricted you from doing something when Jupiter comes along things may be a little bit easier for you. Jupiter asks how concrete are your beliefs and are you willing to stand by what you believe. Jupiter can make you more optimistic at work or your colleagues may seem a little bit happier. And if your natal Saturn is in your sixth house, there could in minor cases issues involving legal problems connected to work, or conforming to a boss, or people within the government. And if you are attracted to men there could be a relationship with the boss or somebody who is in a higher position at work.

In truth, when Jupiter conjuncts Saturn you may find that it feels like a closing of a chapter of a tome (a big book). A closing will occur either three months before Jupiter meets Saturn or it can happen six or eight months after this meeting. Endings occur in order to free you of a limited situation, and so Jupiter can bring bigger opportunities into your life.

In conclusion

Saturn is known for being a very limiting planet but when Jupiter comes along doors which closed on you before Jupiter came along may soon start to open. And these new opportunities will last a long time. The opportunities which arise will be much bigger than they had been in previous years. This will also include your goals. And although Saturn may not want to travel Jupiter will try to expand this area of life by (ironically) making you a world traveller. He also wants to expand your writing as already discussed by making you a professional writer and therefore you can publish your work (in which ever format you prefer). Jupiter conjunct Saturn can also make you an over ambitious achiever in terms of your education. Subjects that involve history, anthropology, archaeology, geography, business studies will be right up your street when these two are in hard conversation. The most likely outcome if you are studying is that you will graduate under this transit, unless you find it all too much!

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Transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Uranus

Expect the unexpected

This transit is great for anybody who does business overseas or has an online company, because Jupiter rules anything foreign (and with Jupiter foreign connections this could mean a foreign country). Uranus, on the other hand, is technology, the internet, and fame (instant – sometimes short lived fame). Pairing these two together can foretell that you may launch a website, or start and online business which could be successful, but it may not be because nothing can be expected when Jupiter conjuncts Uranus.

When I last had this transit, it was not good but that may be because I had transiting Saturn moving over my natal Sun, Pluto moving over my natal Neptune, Neptune opposing natal Sun and transiting Saturn. The more I think about this the more I remember it was just bad! It was so bad I don’t have the energy to go into it. That is ironic because Uranus should give people sudden bursts of energy, and with Jupiter I should have felt more alive, but I felt the complete opposite. Perhaps the loss of energy is in relation to Jupiter’s and Uranus’ mythological associations. In Greek mythology Uranus ruled the sky but was castrated by Saturn (Cronus) ). And Jupiter (Zeus) later became the ruler of the Sky. So, Uranus overthrown and he was never the same again.

If transiting Jupiter conjuncts your natal Uranus:

An overnight success (if there is such a thing)?

When Jupiter makes any form of contact especially in a harmonious conversation astrologers normally foretell this time to being extremely lucky. A time when we can win the lottery, and as a ready mentioned we can become an instant celebrity. However, some of us won’t be that fortunate. Jupiter’ is associated with morals, upholding traditions, and similar to Libra Jupiter has associations with legal matters. Uranus on the other hand is rebellious. When you mix a rebel with someone with high morals who is connected to legal matters, what does it spell? Trouble! Trouble could play out in terms of a surprise, involving a court case i.e. new evidence is presented in court, or suddenly being taken to court. However, unlike Libra planet Jupiter does not represent a judge, or does not necessarily represent the court house. Jupiter is a law professor because the 9th house is ‘Law school’ (or going into a library to source legal information). Jupiter is the teacher who judges the grade on your paper and rewards you your mark. Sagittarius can be seen as the law student. Therefore, under this transit of Jupiter conjunct natal Uranus you have to suddenly get legal advice so that you know your rights, or you find yourself having to read up on the rules so you know how not to get in trouble when you take a risk. Nevertheless, when these two are in conversation you sometimes have to take a big risk which can involve having to take a shortcut in order to become successful.

So yes, under these circumstances a small minority of people may be an overnight success if they have launched a product, website, company etc. When these planets are conjunct, fame or becoming financially successful, can be the interpretation, but at the same time you could suddenly lose money, because you cut corners which leads to a court case. Nevertheless, and even smaller minority of people could publish a ebook. You could start recording videos, put them on YouTube, and become an instant star. Furthermore, if Uranus is in the fifth house and you want to become an actress you could become famous in a country that is not your country of origin.

As a side note, Uranus rules techno or electronic music and Jupiter is the ruler of publishing. Thus, if you are a musician of those genres you could get a publishing deal or get paid royalties.

Studying the unknown

In terms of education there could be a change to a course or you may have to change University/College, or you’re trying to change a grade you didn’t expect to receive, or you could get a good grade and again it’s one that you did not expect. This is a great time to study anything associated with metaphysics such as astrology.

I wouldn’t usually date… I never eat..

If you are attracted to men, you could date someone much younger who will be very intelligent and is extremely unusual. Other types of men that show up just want to be friends (‘friends with benefits)’, or someone who is already attached to someone else, or a man who is always on the move. Jupiter will want you to do the right thing in terms of relationships. On the other hand, Uranus will want you to break every rule in the book. Often these two together can foretell people needing their freedom in terms of relationships. Therefore, if you are in an existing relationship you could ‘go on a break’ because one person may want to expand a relationship and the other is not quite ready. Nevertheless, Uranus heralds in the new and you can find yourself exploring a new relationship much to your surprise. If you don’t want to break up with a partner use this conjunction as a time when you try to get insight into ways of how your relationship can change, and therefore, grow and expand. Go back to basics, become friends with a partner (unless that’s what is causing the issue). To bring back that spark, try and relax, have fun. Make sure you do something new and exciting together.

If natal Uranus is in your first house and you have an eating habit such as maybe you’re a vegetarian or vegan, then Jupiter comes along you may start eating things that are very different than what you had before. An example of eating things very different may be that you might start eating meat, also if Uranus is in the first you may appear to others to be very different in terms of the way that you look.

If natal Uranus is in the second house a large majority of people will find themselves spending a lot of money on a mechanical/electrical item. You can also find yourself making a large purchase on a plane ticket although Jupiter conjunct Uranus can be the mark of someone who travels for long journeys by rail. However, this transit/aspect is indicative of someone giving up all their possessions to fund their travels or to free them of their stuff to be able to travel for a longer period.

When these two are in conversation you are going to dream big, and tried to reach for your goals. Reaching for your goals could occur in any house but may be more pronounced in the 10th, the 11th, or the 12th house. You may also want to check where Jupiter is residing in your Solar Return or get a transit report although, Uranus is the planet of surprises, therefore whatever you may be expecting to happen may not be what actually happens.

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Transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Neptune

Soul searching

Personally, when Jupiter conjunct my natal Neptune in the second house, I was paying off a lot of creditors (I had secretly been travelling and had built up debt). In ancient astrology, Jupiter was once the ruler of Pisces. In Greek mythology Jupiter (Zeus) and Neptune (Poseidon) were brothers. Poseidon hated Zeus for taking over Mount Olympus.  Jupiter is associated with religion and Neptune with spirituality. Thus, this can be a time where people begin to ‘soul search’. We want to become spiritually wealthy.

If transiting Jupiter conjuncts your natal Neptune:

Grand delusions

Neptune probably feels as if Jupiter is somehow deceiving him. Under this transit we must be careful we are not under an illusion that something is going to happen.

We may feel very positive about something or someone and it turns out that person was somehow lying or deceiving us in some way. Nevertheless, Jupiter may be trying to get Neptune to be shady, but instead of ‘reading’ someone Neptune tells not white lies, but big fat lies.

A physical exercise which is spiritual in nature

The conversation between these two can also be a positive. It’s a great time to take up yoga, connect with a foreign Guru, take-up meditation. At this time, we may believe we are talking directly to God. Whether we are talking to god in our dreams, or we are meeting a spirit guide in the dreamscape.

This convo can feel like a very fated time where you are protected or guided in the right direction. We may ‘feel at one’, with people from a different cultural background.

How to grow weed

A person can try DMT for the first time or maybe smoke a lot of weed. Other people can get ill and must increase their medication. However, this aspect isn’t only going to be about simply taking a drug. With this conjunction, you will be learning about these things. You might learn how to grow weed. Learn how to make perfume. Learn about what DMT does to the mind, and the meaning behind what was experienced during the time when you were under the influence of DMT. Jupiter conjunct Neptune can show that you could have an out of body experience especially if you are under the influence.

I wrote what?

There could be some issues connected with writing essay’s / taking a test, or maybe you don’t appear to be coherent or were confused about something. On the other hand, people with a harmonious Neptune aspect will find under this aspect they are more poetic, creative and writing almost comes with fluidity. Furthermore, this conjunction could mean shipping books overseas, and a very small minority of people may become activists such as an interest in protecting whales or sharks.

Why am I so tired

Jupiter is an active planet when he meets Neptune a planet connected with sleep you almost certain that around this time you’re going to be more exhausted than in comparison to other period in your life. As a result, your dreams will be expansive. And you may want to consider taking up lucid dreaming or astral travel. If none of that is of interest it’s likely that you will take medication to increase your energy levels. The only thing which could awaken you is the prospect of preaching about spiritual things, or talking about  things such as sleep paralysis, being abducted by aliens or conspiracy theories. If not those things then you will just have a big tendency to daydream.

A journey to a remote destination

The most common interpretation of Jupiter meeting natal Neptune in terms of travel is going on a journey by boat/ship/or cruise. Jupiter conjunct Neptune can be read similar to Jupiter in the 12th house. Therefore, at this time you can find yourself visiting ashrams, going to remote destinations, signing up to a yoga retreat, visiting monasteries, and sacred sites.

Aside from spiritual retreats if you already have an existing male partner may have to go overseas for a long duration, or is somehow separated from you, or you find out he/she is lying.

What about relationships?

If you are attracted to men, this could be a time where you meet your soul-mate (if you believing such a thing). However, in terms of relationships, Neptune should be in your fifth house or seventh house or in aspect to natal Venus in any house. The people you meet under this aspect will normally be very attractive, hard to read, may look like someone else, or impersonate other people. There is a tendency to notice what’s on a person’s feet and often the person you are attracted to with have a sense of glamour. Unfortunately, similar to the main two introductions, Jupiter could make Neptune feel as if something profound may play out between you and another person, but it may not be reality. If that doesn’t play out then another un-harmonious storyline could be that you fall in love with an addict, fall for someone who is depressed, a liar, someone who needs rescuing, or someone who is a religious fanatic. Therefore, wait until this transit is over so you can gauge how another person truly feels towards you.

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Transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Pluto

Punished for keeping a secret/rewarded for exposing the truth / having faith that everything will start afresh

For some reason, I can’t even remember what happened to me during this transit. I am now trying to go over my notes to see what events occurred for my clients. Actually, I think, I took a life changing trip around the world when Jupiter conjunct my natal Pluto conjunct my ascendant. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out the way that I had hoped. As a result, I ended up in lots of debt and felt as if I had to start from scratch.

Nevertheless, I knew that the situation could turn out negative (because I was told so by my spirit guide in my dreams- Pluto is conjunct my ascendant, almost an exact conjunction, but from the 12th house). There was a lot of deception and dishonesty involved (on my part), therefore I got what I deserved.

Jupiter going over natal Pluto can magnify underlying issues. Issues that you may want to rid yourself of, and with Jupiter here you will be taught how to rid yourself of these things. Jupiter represents optimism and freedom and Pluto is the rebirthing process. Plus, this can be a very liberating time and if anyone has felt suicidal or had dark thoughts Jupiter can bring the dose of optimism. However, sometimes you may have to experience what is called a dark soul of the night to be transformed into a positive human being. Pluto also is representative of the underworld, death, and some people have misguided beliefs that Pluto is connected with Satan. Although Pluto is not connected with Satan just death.

Jupiter has associations with religion of all different dominations. Therefore, if someone had previously lost faith in God, lost faith in themselves, lost faith in life, then this transit is the time when they start to believe in God and everything connected to the notion of God.

If transiting Jupiter conjuncts your natal Pluto:

Obsession with the Illuminati

On a more mundane level, you may start reading more horror or crime novels, or you may start watching programmes which include some form of investigation. There could be an intense desire to compulsively write. This conjunction could also indicate mass publishing. You could start believing in the occult (i.e. the Illuminati) and there is a strong desire to start practising the Law of attraction /spells/astrology etc.

A journey to the unknown

In terms of travel Jupiter conjunct Pluto can show taking out insurance on your next vacation. This aspect can also foretell making a big purchase whilst on holiday or spending a lot of money on your ticket. Trips generally tend to be more dangerous. There could be some type of loss either whilst on holiday or when you return. The danger could arise from visiting a dangerous country, be it a country that experiences volcanic eruptions or has a history of violence.

Studying something deep & interesting

This may be a time where you get a student loan or you will get into debt because of your university fees/because of travelling. You could get a lot of funding in general or may start collecting points such as air miles. You can make a big discovery through reading a book especially one that is connected to a Guru or a person who is a master in self-help. Unfortunately, people under this aspect either have to repeat a course, change subjects, or change universities. Furthermore, there is a tendency to drop out altogether, but that may be more the case when Pluto conjuncts Jupiter and not the other way around.

A brand-new chapter

Transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Pluto is the starting point of an intense sexual relationship especially with a man (if you are attracted to men although Pluto rules sexuality and therefore Pluto disregards your sexual orientation). If you’re not that way inclined Jupiter conjunct Pluto does not necessarily mean that you will be sexually attracted to a man. Nevertheless, in terms of relationships and sex Jupiter conjunct natal Pluto indicates one partner wanting freedom and the other wanting power. People can become fanatical about another person, so much so, one person is making long-term plans and the other person is not that excited. A good part of this conjunction is that you can become sexually liberated. Being sexually liberated could arise because you are no longer worried about getting pregnant, or no longer worried about getting another person pregnant (or perhaps your having more sex to get pregnant/to get a partner pregnant).

If you listened to my Pluto series I discuss that during the time Pluto was discovered in the 1930s the time of the Holocaust and the interwar years people were generally having less sex. Furthermore, the 1930s generation were the people who still slept in twin beds.

”the 1930s required married couples to sleep in separate beds to uphold the moral codes of the time.”


This doesn’t mean that we’re suddenly going to rush out and buy two identical /single beds. It can sometimes mean if somebody wants to get married they may abstain from having sex. You could have been having too much pleasure and want to have a break although I would say you’re most likely to return to sex with transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Pluto. Nevertheless, as already mentioned its Jupiter joining Pluto not the other way around. Yes, Jupiter is a planet who tries to uphold moral codes, but Jupiter is extremely playful and wants to try new things. Therefore, we can read this conjunction as someone who is a bit of a tease. We tend to tempt another person or another person is enticing us. The people we meet under this transit can be extremely deep, intellectual, thus thought-provoking. Unfortunately, Jupiter conjunct Pluto can indicate somebody playing mind games. Nevertheless, under this transit you can completely change your philosophy about your views on sex/ sexuality.

For the most part when these planets are in conversation it’s a period where you learn a big lesson about debt.

You will be starting a brand-new chapter in your life and stepping into an unknown journey/path. This transit is good for anybody who is undertaking any form of research, especially if it’s connected to higher education, or if you’re researching other cultures or countries.

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Transiting Jupiter conjunct natal North Node

As previously discussed, my North node is right next to my natal Sun. Actually, my North node is conjunct my MC. What I had said above was that when Jupiter conjunct my natal Sun (back in the mid-2000’s) I got everything I wanted. I have also recently just gone through this conjunction of Jupiter conjunct my natal North node then he conjuncts my natal Sun between 2014 /2015. In 2014 I was still studying after returning in previous years. Nevertheless, a month after Jupiter was conjunct my North node I had successfully completed a teach English as a foreign language course.

The North node has been described as a person’s marker for finding their purpose in life. Couple this with Jupiter’s associations with luck indicates whatever you are doing at the time of this conjunction will be giving you the opportunity to follow your purpose in life. Although, I must point out that ”being lucky” only means having more opportunities and getting ourselves out of trouble. Being lucky does not mean that we can altogether avoid failures. It’s how we deal with our failures which determine our success.

If Jupiter conjuncts your natal North Node:

Planning to take a life changing trip (that will be more of a pilgrimage). Becoming obsessed with making money. A fateful meeting with your potential husband. Trying to stay optimistic that you will find your purpose in life. Obsessed with trying to find your purpose in life. This may be the period where you begin to pray to God more than in previous years asking what should you do with your life. Your purpose could be found by reading a book especially books of a religious or philosophical nature. You may believe your purpose is to publish a book. You believe you have to return to education in order to have a purposeful life. You can believe that your purpose is to become a teacher or teaching assistant. During this time you want to be fulfilled, so much so, it may be unhealthy and you begin to feel unhappy.

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Transiting Jupiter conjuncts your natal south Node:

My client has just had transiting Jupiter conjunct her natal south node in Leo in the 1st house. She is having relationship difficulties and she is beginning to see herself more clearly in relationships. She has realised that she has been obsessed about one particular person and the obsession was part of her nature. She keeps attracting douche bags and the guy she is seeing wants her to ‘be his whore’ (his exact words). Basically, he wants a ‘casual ‘ relationship but with her south node being in Leo she already has ‘mastered casual relationships’. I keep telling her that she needs to be friends with a guy and make it more social then sexual (as her North node is in Aquarius in the 7th house.) She is finding this hard but feels she needs to let go of the man she loves.

If transiting Jupiter conjuncts your natal

South Node:

Graduating (you, a child, or a male partner). Moving up sticks and going overseas. Ending a relationship. Leaving something behind that you are good at or that you had believed that god had manifested into your life….

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