New Moon in Leo July 23rd 2017


New moons are not that important, especially if we compare them to a Solar or Lunar eclipse. If you have read my post regarding what happened when a new Moon conjunct my natal Jupiter, you will know nothing spectacular happened! And this was despite undergoing a Jupiter return. Although four/ days after the new Moon occurred themes connected with planet Jupiter was pronounced, but the actual event was not significant (well, it didn’t seem significant at the time).

July’s New Moon falls at 0°24 in Leo. 0° is an important degree, known as a critical degree(Anaretic). There are other critical degrees such as 29° etc.  However the planet has to be in a particular sign to be considered a critical degree. Unfortunately, Leo is not one of the three signs. 

Nevertheless, a symbol in the sky at 0° indicates that anything is possible. We invent a new narrative, but it can be daunting because we will be scared of potentially messing up a task. However having an new Moon fall in the sign Leo may foretell that there isn’t any wrong way to express ourselves.

When any planet/symbol is at 0° we are at the beginning stage, thus there is bound to be a few errors. And as with any new Moon or Eclipse (Solar), we’re being called to roll the ball and start the process of creating something special. We have all the potential to do something great, and maybe we’re going to be the first person to do what we are about to do. In addition, to the new Moon in Leo at 0°, on July 23, 2017, on January 21, 2019, there will be a lunar eclipse also at 0° also in Leo.

A new Moon and then a lunar eclipse falling on the same degree, in the same sign, is significant so mark this date down. If you have any planets either in Cancer at 27 to 29° or in Leo from 0 to 2° (or if your Sun, Moon, or ruling planet is in Leo between 0°to 5°) this new Moon and lunar eclipse will both be personally speaking to you.

My natal North Node is in Leo at 0°, conjunct my MC (midheaven on the east a.k.a 9th house conjunction). Thus career, guidance, travel, communication, and home matters will dominate. There will be a signal to start something new. All the pages will be blank and I can fill in whatever narrative I choose.

I wrote a post dedicated to interpreting the new Moon conjunct natal planets. If you want to know more please read the post.

Lastly, the new Moon in the sign Leo should give us a signal to begin a new chapter connected to the entertainment industry, love affairs, children, creative endeavours, sports, and speculative business. Love affairs, children etc also belong to the fifth house (the house Leo rules). However, Leo governs themes such as self-expression, so expect to start something new which allows us to express ourselves in a creative way. We may also get the go-ahead to start having fun or perhaps conceive a child.

  •    It should be noted that a planet at 0° is only considered critical if in the following signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn)
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