New Moon & Full Moon in the Signs 2015

January 2015

January’s Full Moon In Cancer – January

L.A. 8.53pm 4th January 2015

New York 11.53pm 4th January 2015

London 4.53am 5th January 2015

Moscow 7.53am 5th January 2015

Hong Kong 12.53pm 5th January 2015

Sydney 3.53pm 5th January 2015

January 2015
January’s New Moon In Aquarius
L.A. 5.14am 20th January 2015
New York 8.14am 20th January 2015
London 1.14pm 20th January 2015
Moscow 4.14pm 20th January 2015
Hong Kong 9.14pm 20th January 2015
Sydney 00.14am 21st January 2015


February 2015

February’s Full Moon In Leo – February

L.A. 3.09pm 3rd February 2015

New York 6.09pm 3rd February 2015

London 11.09pm 3rd February 2015

Moscow 2.09am 4th February 2015

Hong Kong 7.09am 4th February 2015

Sydney 10.09am 4th February 2015

February 2015 
February’s New Moon In Aquarius
LA. 3.47pm 18th February 2015
New York 6.47pm 18th February 2015
London 11.47pm 18th February 2015
Moscow 2.47am 19th February 2015
Hong Kong 7.47am 19th February 2015
Sydney 10.47am 19th February 2015


March 2015

March’s Full Moon In Virgo 

L.A. 10.05am 5th March 2015

New York 1.05pm 5th March 2015

London 6.05pm 5th March 2015

Moscow 9.05pm 5th March 2015

Hong Kong  2.05am 6th March 2015

Sydney 5.05am 6th March 2015

March’s New Moon In Pisces
L.A. 2.36am 20th March 2015
New York 5.36am 20th March 2015
London 9.36am 20th March 2015
Moscow 12.36pm 20th March 2015
Hong Kong 5.36pm 20th March 2015
Sydney 8.36pm 20th March 2015


April 2015
April’s Full Moon In Libra 


L.A. 5.06am 4th April 2015

New York 8.06am 4th April 2015

London 12.06pm 4th April 2015

Moscow 3.06pm 4th April 2015

Hong Kong 8.06pm 4th April 2015

Sydney 11.06pm 4th April 2015

April 2015
April’s New Moon In Aries
L.A. 11.57am 18th April 2015
New York 2.57pm 18th April 2015
London 6.57pm 18th April 2015
Moscow 9.57pm 18th April 2015
Hong Kong 2.57am 19th April 2015
Sydney 4.57am 19th April 2015


May 2015

May’s Full Moon In Scorpio

L.A. 8.42pm 3rd May 2015

New York 11.42pm 3rd May 2015

London 3.42am 4th May 2015

Moscow 6.42am 4th May 2015

Hong Kong 11.42am 4th May 2015

Sydney 1.42pm 4th May 2015

May’s New Moon In Taurus
 L.A. 9.13pm 17th May 2015
New York 00.13am 18th May 2015
London 4.13am 18th May 2015
Moscow 7.13am 18th May 2015
Hong Kong 12.13pm 18th May 2015
Sydney 2.13pm 18th May 2015


June 2015
June’s Full Moon In Sagittarius 


L.A. 9.19pm 2nd June 2015

New York 12.19pm 2nd June 2015

London 4.19pm 2nd June 2015

Moscow 7.19pm 2nd June 2015

Hong Kong 00.19am 3rd June 2015

Sydney 2.19am 3rd June 2015

June 2015
June’s New Moon In Gemini
L.A. 7.05am 16th June 2015
 New York 10.05am 16th June 2015
London 2.05pm 16th June 2015
Moscow 5.05pm 16th June 2015
Hong Kong 10.05pm 16th June 2015
Sydney 00.05am 17th June 2015


July 2015
July’s Full Moon In Capricorn 

L.A. 7.20pm 1st July 2015

New York 10.20pm 1st July 2015

London 2.20am 2nd July 2015

Moscow 5.20am 2nd July 2015

Hong Kong 10.20am 2nd July 2015

Sydney  12.20pm 2nd July 2015

July 2015
July’s New Moon In Cancer
L.A. 6.25pm 15th July 2015
 New York 9.25pm 15th July 2015
London 1.25am 16th July 2015
Moscow 4.25am 16th July 2015
Hong Kong 09.25am 16th July 2015
Sydney 11.25am 16th July 2015

July’s Full Moon In Aquarius

L.A. 3.43am 31st July 2015

New York 6.43am 31st July 2015

London 10.43am 31st July 2015

Moscow 1.43pm 31st July 2015

Hong Kong 6.43pm 31st July 2015

Sydney 8.43pm 31st July 2015

August 2015
August’s New Moon In Leo
L.A. 7.53am 14th August 2015
New York 10.53am 14th August 2015
London 2.53pm 14th August 2015
Moscow 5.53pm 14th August 2015
Hong Kong 10.53pm 14th August 2015
Sydney 00.53am 15th August 2015

August’s Full Moon In Pisces 

London 6.35pm 29th August 2015

Moscow 9.35pm 29th August 2015

L.A. 11.35am 29th August 2015

New York 2.35pm 29th August 2015

Hong Kong 2.35am 30th August 2015

Sydney 4.35am 30th August 2015


September 2015
September’s New Moon In Virgo
 London 6.40am 13th September 2015
 Moscow 9.40am 13th September 2015
 L.A. 11.40pm 12th September 2015
 New York 2.40am 13th September 2015
 Hong Kong 2.40pm 13th September 2015
Sydney 4.40pm 13th September 2015

September’s Full Moon In Aries 

L.A. 7.50pm 27th September 2015

New York 10.50pm 27th September 2015

London 2.50am 28th September 2015

Moscow 5.50am 28th September 2015

Hong Kong 10.50am 28th September 2015

Sydney 12.50pm 28th September 2015

October 2015
October’s New Moon In Libra
L.A. 5.06pm 12th October 2015
 New York 8.06pm 12th October 2015
London 00.06am 13th October 2015
 Moscow 03.06am 13th October 2015
 Hong Kong 08.06am 13th October 2015
Sydney 11.06am 13th October 2015

October’s Full Moon In Taurus 

L.A. 5.05am 27th October 2015

New York 8.05am 27th October 2015

London 12.05pm 27th October 2015

Moscow 3.05pm 27th October 2015

Hong Kong 8.05pm 27th October 2015

Sydney 11.05pm 27th October 2015

November 2015
November’s New Moon In Scorpio
London 5.47pm 11th November 2015
Moscow 8.47pm 11th November 2015
L.A. 9.47pm 11th November 2015
 New York 12.47pm 11th November 2015
 Hong Kong  1.47am 12th November 2015
Sydney 4.47am 12th November 2015

November’s Full Moon In Gemini 

London 10.44pm 25th November 2015

Moscow 1.44am 26th November 2015

L.A. 2.44pm 25th November 2015

New York 5.44pm 25th November 2015

Hong Kong 6.44am 26th November 2015

Sydney 9.44am 26th November 2015


December 2015
December’s New Moon In Sagittarius
L.A. 2.30am 11th December 2015
New York 5.30am 11th December 2015
 London 10.30am 11th December 2015
Moscow 1.30pm 11th December 2015
Hong Kong 6.30pm 11th December 2015
Sydney 9.30pm 11th December 2015

Eclipse, Dates, Signs, & Degrees 1994-2022

1994-2022 eclipse table-21994-2022 eclipse table-31994-2022 eclipse table-41994-2022 eclipse table-51994-2022 eclipse table-6

Eclipse Table  1994-2022

Table of dates for Lunar and Solar Eclipse from 1994-2022. Check to see if you/a child has had a Lunar or Solar eclipse on your birthday (over the last 21 years), or within 5 days of your birthday.

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