What happens when there is a New Moon?


The New Moon conjuncts Jupiter return

In my opinion, I believe people in the astrology community over emphasise events surrounding new and full Moons. However not every astrologer dramatises what is likely to take place. Some astrologers advise us to use this time to initiate, make a wish, plant a seed etc. Initiating during a new Moon is encouraged for those absent of a conjunction. 

Nevertheless, even if a new/full Moon is in aspect to a natal planet it won’t match the hype of what we think is going to happen.

A good example of events surrounding a new Moon conjunct a natal planet happened when a new Moon, on the 1st of October 2016, fell in Libra (Libra is my Ascendant sign and rules both my 1st and 12th house). Although the new Moon conjunct (mine & everyone else’s) transiting Jupiter, in Libra, for me this new Moon was rather special, because I was also having my Jupiter Return. Thus the New Moon was in aspect to transiting Jupiter, my natal Jupiter, and natal Saturn (as both Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct in my birth chart).

Jupiter Return is a period when transiting Jupiter returns to the same place he (Jupiter) was at the time of our birth. And a planet returning marks a beginning of a new cycle. Jupiter returning to natal Jupiter happens every twelve years. So, when a new Moon joined transiting and natal Jupiter, did something monumentus happen in my life?

Firstly, before I answer the question, let me say that when a new Moon is conjunct a planet returning, events occurring reinforce that there is a major new cycle approaching, or a new way of doing a task will soon begin. However, nothing dramatic usually occurs at the time of a new Moon (unlike a Lunar/Solar Eclipse conjunct natal planet).

Secondly, the energy of a new Moon always starts after a New Moon has occurred (unlike a Full Moon). And the effects of a new Moon lasts at least ten days after. However, as already mentioned, I was having Jupiter return. Thus the energy of the new Moon would probably last longer than the standardise ten days.

Lastly, you should know that my natal Saturn is in the 12th house conjunct natal Jupiter (Although transiting Saturn was visiting my 2nd house of income/possessions), and transiting Jupiter would soon be conjunct my AC (ascendant).

So what has happened within those ten days?

Nothing much!

And this is despite having the new Moon fall on Jupiter return.

The only significant event I can think of came five days after the New Moon occurred, I received a letter from the U.K home office (Government officials) writing to inform me that my passport had successfully been renewed. I had previously put off renewing my passport after it expired last year. In truth, I only renewed my passport because I needed proper identification, not because I wanted to travel.

Anyway, I finally decided to renew it back in July 2016, and had up to 90 days to return the documentation (including my old passport etc). However, I had issue after issue. The problem I had was with the photo booths I was using (there was an error relating to my original picture, so I had to re-submit another picture during Mercury Retrograde). Anyway, on the 6th of October 2016, my passport finally arrived, and I could not be happier with my ‘Jumbo sized’ passport. And although I had originally ordered the passport for identification purposes once the passport arrived I began thinking about where I should go. In truth, I’ve kinda lost my mojo for travelling. However, after some thought I did splash some cash and booked a solo trip heading to a remote location, departing sometime in 2017.

As I said, the new Moon fell in my twelfth house, in the sign of Libra, conjunct natal Jupiter and Saturn along with transiting Jupiter. However my first house of self, identity, and image was also being triggered, but as previously mentioned, Libra ruled both houses. Although I only wanted to renew my passport for identification purposes I now realise that my jumbo passport will be the start of a new adventure! 

Anyway, below lists the meanings of the different planets, sign, and the house where the new Moon was in conversation with natal Jupiter.

Libra: She is the sign of judgements and decisions. Libra is connected with the law i.e. anything that is legally binding. She is also connected with indecisiveness but she strives for balance.

Jupiter: Is connected to anything foreign i.e. culture, travel, immigration (passports), a foreign language etc. He is the planet of education i.e. higher education-University whether undergrad or postgrad. Jupiter also rules expansion (a.k.a Jumbo sized, fat, growth). Nevertheless, he is seen as being optimistic and is supposed to bring people luck.

Saturn: Saturn is a planet of fear and restriction. He is often known as a taskmaster/ teacher because when he is around he makes sure that the job is done. Saturn represents authority figures i.e. the government or sometimes a strict parent.

Twelfth house: This is the house of illness. The house of solitude i.e. being alone/ being quiet, or in this house, people are unaware of how much energy we’re putting into a task. It is also the house of long distance travel and where we find our secret enemies/self-undoing.

Did something more interesting happen to you when a new moon conjunct your natal planet?

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