What happens when Jupiter returns to Natal Jupiter?


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An auspicious time

A Jupiter Return is when transiting Jupiter conjuncts your natal Jupiter, which happens on average every 12 years. If you are experiencing a return you should find the placement of Jupiter not only in the house of your natal chart, but also in your solar return chart (look for the year that Jupiter is returning to Natal Jupiter). The house of Jupiter in the solar return chart will help you to understand what may occur.

What happens when Jupiter returns?  


When Jupiter returns, he is starting a brand new cycle, and as a result, a fresh chapter relating to Jupiterian themes will begin to play out in our lives. The universe wants to see how we will operate our new Jupiter this time around. What will we do? Where will we go? What will we learn? What will we teach? 


It is an extra important time for people who have Jupiter in their 12th, 3rd, 6th, and 9th house, because Jupiter will soon be crossing a brand-new threshold when he transits the angles (the AC, IC, DC, and MC). Big events are sure to have a major impact on your life, and as a result, expect his biggest life lessons to make you a more mature, wiser human being.

How long will the Transiting aspect last?    And How long will I feel the effects of the return?

The transit lasts for approximately 3 weeks but if Jupiter is retrograding the time frame will increase.

Although, this aspect lasts for a few weeks Jupiter’s energy will be felt at least 12 weeks before he starts a new cycle in a new sign. And as a result, Jupiter’s themes will be more pronounced at least 12 weeks before this transit takes place. Write down what occurs over the next twelve months because Jupiter won’t return for another twelve years.

You will understand the themes which play out at the time of each return when transiting Jupiter trines your natal Jupiter in two year’s time. This aspect (trine)will be motivating you to do something pleasurable. Transiting Jupiter trine natal Jupiter is a harmonious aspect, and as a result, things should come with ease, rather than being stressful. Nevertheless, what takes place during the two planets conversation would have been built on whatever was going on two years previously (during the time of your actual return). 

When will I experience my Jupiter Return?

Jupiter returns every 12 years or so: At age 11/12, 23/24, 35/36, 47/48, 59/60 and so on.

*How old are you?

If you pay close attention to Jupiter returning to natal Jupiter and you are under the age of thirty, you will notice the events surrounding the return will be situations which have already played out in your life once before. In many cases these events also may have played out for your mother or father during the time of your birth. However, if your parents had not experienced similar themes at the time of your birth then the same events (to the return in question) would have occurred for them during the first few years of your life.

If you are under 30 try to recall what your parents have told you about the first and second years of your life. Was a parent or both parents studying at the time of your birth? Was a parent on a student Visa? Was a parent/s about to relocate, facing deportation, or had immigration issues? Was there a big decision they were trying to make? What was the bigger story being played out?

How do their events relate to what happened/is happening to you, when Jupiter returned to your natal Jupiter at age twenty-five/twenty-six, or at a younger return age? There should be a similar pattern. However, remember that the sign Jupiter is visiting will also bring its own additional themes.

After you have had your Saturn return at age 28,29 or 30 you have accumulated enough of your own ‘karma’ (cause and effect) to play out your own story. Therefore, a brand-new storyline will emerge when Jupiter returns at age 35/36 or at age 47/48. Although Saturn returns between ages 28-30, it could take another six years for some people to get over Saturn’s lessons (around the ages 34 to 36). Therefore, even though you have gained enough of your own life experience after age thirty, some people could still find themselves *repeating some aspects of their parent’s lives.

Nevertheless, some people (who have mastered their Saturn) can stop looking back at their mother/fathers lives after their Saturn Return. Instead, we should summarise our parent’s situation at the time they had their Jupiter Return and link their return experiences to when we have a similar return age.

If you are older than 30 years old, you can focus on either your mother (if female) or focus on your father (if male). And ask them/recollect what was happening in their life when they were age 35/36; that is if you are now that age in question (and experiencing your Jupiter return). At age 47/48 do the same and think back to your parents lives when they were that age. And the same goes for ages 59/60 etc.

Basically, if you are reading this at age 35-36, your mother would have had her Jupiter return at age 35-36. Therefore, just ask her, or try to remember what was happening at that time, but remember your parents Jupiter may be in a different sign, and thus, their themes will be slightly different.

As already mentioned, when your Jupiter returns at age 35/36 (or any time after age thirty) you can choose to stop relating Jupiter experiences to your parent’s life. We’ve already discussed the reason why we can stop projecting our returns on our parents and early years in the sections above.

*Although, I have used the word repeat in relation to Jupiter returning, don’t worry, Jupiter will still be starting a brand-new cycle. I will discuss this in a little more detail in the section ‘is Jupiter Return the same as Mercury retrograde?’

What Jupiterian events took place 12 years before Jupiter entered a new cycle? 


Jupiter return REsumes (if you are over 30) an event which happened at the time of your last return. Therefore, try to recollect what occurred during your last return. Did you Study, Travel, Teach? Did you get married? Did you change your beliefs? Did religion play a more/less of an important role in your life?


And if you are Under 30 you will be starting off on a band new adventure which you have not experienced before (even if your parents have experienced it, whatever happens will be new to you).


Will Jupiter bring me luck?


In the first few returns (when we are younger) everything is favourable to us (unless there are challenging aspects in a chart). When we experience our second return (in our twenties) it is either challenging or we will be very lucky indeed. The 2nd return, is your last Jupiter return before adulthood. And as previously explained, he can play out extreme conditions which pertain to your parents lives at the time of your birth until age two. Lucky opportunities can also depend on the sign and aspects transiting Jupiter is making when he arrives in a new sign/house.


Unfortunately, fortunate opportunities may not be readily given by the third (35/36) or fourth return (47/48), unless there are favourable aspects to transiting planets. Try not to worry about what age you are when you experience your Jupiter return, because in truth, regardless of your return age Jupiter can bring more blessings when he is in your birth sign (Jupiter conjunct your natal Sun) more so than when he has returned to natal Jupiter. 


Furthermore, Jupiter returns brings Jupiterian themes which are connected to the sign, and house he is visiting. Thus, luck may not be always guaranteed. 


Is Jupiter ‘REturn’ the same as Mercury ‘REtrograde’?


No, a Jupiter return is not the same as Mercury retrograde. Retrogrades appear to go backwards. You must ‘REdo’/ ‘REpair’ something which is no longer working in a short span of time. When Jupiter returns to natal Jupiter he brings new and exciting opportunities. There is a sense of adventure; which may at first appear to us as a feeling of being REstless. We feel bored, and need to do something new which we will be eager to explore.


Retrogrades (such as Mercury retrograde) repair or REstore something within the short time frame of each individual retrograde. This is why they are deemed to be negative. We must quickly sort out a situation which has gone haywire within a few weeks. Returns on the other hand give us time to pause (in Jupiter’s case a 12yr pause and one year of activity). During the twelve-year cycle Jupiter moves into each sign once a year and once he enters we can begin to work on making ourselves more intelligent/wise so we can ‘REuse’ our Jupiter in ways which helps us prosper when he returns to natal Jupiter in another 12 year’s time. 


However, sometimes as already discussed, we are experiencing similar situations which our parents experienced at the time of our birth or when they were our age. The period when Mercury goes retrograde is not reflective of our parent’s life or the situations which occurred during our birth. However, when Jupiter returns he brings something back, but what he brings is a ‘REnewal’.  Jupiter ‘RE-establishes’ ‘or ‘REsumes’ a situation rather than repeating something. Jupiter is continuing a story. He continues an unfolding story which was started before the return in question, but at the start of a new return we are starting the story afresh. We should have learned from the last 12 years to not make the same mistakes, and therefore we won’t be spending the next year/12 years REctifying bad decisions made in the year of his return. 


We can think of Jupiter returning comparable to experiencing a Solar Eclipse but accompanied with Jupiterian themes. Furthermore, the effects of Jupiter returning can stay with us longer than a Solar Eclipse.  

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